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Simple YAML console tool

Commands example:

root@openipc:/# yaml-cli -i /etc/majestic.yaml -g .video0.codec

root@openipc:/# yaml-cli -i /etc/majestic.yaml -s .video0.codec h265

root@openipc:/# yaml-cli -i /etc/majestic.yaml -g .video0.codec

root@openipc:/# yaml-cli -i /etc/majestic.yaml -d .video0.codec


OpenIPC offers two levels of support.

Please consider subscribing for paid commercial support if you intend to use our product for business. As a paid customer, you will get technical support and maintenance services directly from our skilled team. Your bug reports and feature requests will get prioritized attention and expedited solutions. It’s a win-win strategy for both parties, that would contribute to the stability your business, and help core developers to work on the project full-time.

If you have any specific questions concerning our project, feel free to contact us.

Participating and Contribution

If you like what we do, and willing to intensify the development, please consider participating.

You can improve existing code and send us patches. You can add new features missing from our code.

You can help us to write a better documentation, proofread and correct our websites.

You can just donate some money to cover the cost of development and long-term maintaining of what we believe is going to be the most stable, flexible, and open IP Network Camera Framework for users like yourself.

You can make a financial contribution to the project at Open Collective, or via PayPal, or via YooMoney.

Thank you.

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