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Alternative firmware for IP cameras

The OpenIPC is a Linux operating system based on OpenWrt/Buildroot projects and targeting IP cameras with chipsets from different vendors, starting with HiSilicon Hi35xx, XiongmaiTech XM5xx and SigmaStar SSC335.

Everyone is welcome and can use/contribute to project in any way they find useful.

We would be grateful for the feedback and suggestions

Igor Zalatov - project founder and development coordinator

Dmitry Ilyin, Maxim Chertov, Sergey Sharshunov - main participants and co-founders of the project

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Team developments

The OpenIPC is a kind of umbrella for other projects that are components of our system

  • openipc_on_github - Github organization, most projects are hosted here
  • openipc-2.1 - Firmware development and creation system based on Buildroot
  • chaos_calmer - Firmware development and creation system based on OpenWrt 15.05
  • ipctool - Simple utility to check hardware information for IP cameras
  • exipcam - Cool utility for repairing IPCam (For Windows, work in Linux via Wine)
  • ipcam_dms - IPCam Device Management System (For Windows, work in Linux via Wine)
  • A list of all projects can be found on our GitHub account

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