Majestic Endpoints

MJPEG video stream.
fMP4 video stream.
RTSP main stream (video0).
RTSP substream (video1).
HLS live-streaming in web browser.
WebRTC live-streaming in web browser.
MJPEG & MP3 live-streaming in web browser.

Opus audio stream.
Raw PCM audio stream.
AAC audio stream.
MP3 audio stream.
A-law compressed audio stream.
μ-law compressed audio stream.
G.711 A-law audio stream.
Play audio file on camera's speaker.1,3
Accepts POST requests with audio file as a parameter.

Still Images
Snapshot in JPEG format.
Optional parameters:2,4
  • width, height - size of resulting image
  • qfactor - JPEG quality factor (1-99)
  • color2gray - convert to grayscale
  • crop - crop resulting image as 16x16x320x320
Snapshot in HEIF format.
Snapshot in YUV420 format.
Snapshot in Adobe DNG format (raw).3

Night API
Turn on night mode.
Turn off night mode.
Toggle current night mode.

Actual Majestic config in JSON format.
Node exporter for Prometheus.
  1. Only HiSilicon and Goke SoCs.
  2. Only HiSilicon SoCs v2 and up.
  3. E.g. ffplay -ar 48000 -ac 1 -f s16le
  4. E.g.

More examples available in our wiki.

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