Our Software

Core software

The Holy Grail of the community. Universal firmware for IP-cameras to replace proprietary, outdated and often insecure vendor pre-installed firmware.
A universal IP-camera streamer. This software is the major part of the OpenIPC Firmware. Although it is not fully open source at this stage of development, we are considering opening up the codebase when the software matures enough and gets enough funding for open development.
IPC tool
An IP-camera hardware inspector on steroids. This tool will not only identify your camera's processor, sensor, flash chip, but also help you with backing up the original firmware and more.
A tool that allows you a smooth transition from the IP-camera manufacturer's pre-installed proprietary firmware to OpenIPC Firmware. No special skills are required.
A simple RTSP 1.0 server library tailored for embedded devices, such as IP cameras. It supports both TCP and UDP, allows any payload format, and provides a convenient and flexible API.
An open source IP-camera streamer. Think of it as Majestic's little brother.
A streamer for IP cameras using Goke SoC, focused primarily on FPV.
Simple YAML console tool.
Microbe Web
Web interface for OpenIPC Firmware. Written on Ash and tears of the developer.

OpenIPC umbrella software

The OpenIPC is also an umbrella brand for other small software that are useful components of our ecosystem. We welcome everyone willing to contribute to the software, in any way they find useful!

Various code to manage motor hardware.
An opensource tool to unbrick HiSilicon devices.
An utility to run Sofia from XM in a non-stock environment.
Opensource SDK for Hisilicon SoCs.
Opensource SDK for Xiongmai SoCs.
XM Device Explorer. Utility for repairing IPCam
Russian UI. Runs on Windows, Linux via Wine.
IPCam Device Management System
Russian UI. Runs on Windows, Linux via Wine.

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