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If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Open Collective

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Many core team members donate their knowledge and their free time to work on the project, often using their personal funds to buy cameras to expand the list of supported hardware. Your donation help us to ease the burden on their personal finances while keeping the development on the latest hardware. We also use the funds to compensate the work of part-time and full-time maintainers, and to attend trade shows, meet with hardware vendors, monitor trends in camera technology and gain access to SDK and other support materials, which are often expensive. Your contributions help us to continue development and provide technical support to the community.

Price of the Firmware

The right to use the OpenIPC firmware and its components is granted to all users free of charge and only for personal, non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in using OpenIPC for your business projects, please contact our team.


Open Source is about sharing, creating something great together, and contributing to the greater good! Whenever you do make an improvement that you think someone else could benefit from, please contribute it back to the project.

If you've ever been curious or confused about something in the project, faced a problem and couldn't find the answer, someone else probably still is, too. Help them by sharing your thoughts, insights and discoveries. There are many ways to contribute to the project, and here are a few examples:

Report issues
If you stubmle upon an bug, please file a bug report in the appropriate repository on GitHub.
Submit new ideas
If you feel that a useful feature is missing, you can submit a feature request on GitHub.
Improve the code
Fork the code, make your improvements and submit a pull request to our repository on GitHub.
Write documentation
Create or update documentation for our projects. Fill up the Wiki, proofread the website, make it sound native to your language.
Spread the word
Talk about OpenIPC and share your experiences with others. Write a blog post, make a video, start a thread on Reddit, share it on Twitter, post it on other social media...
Become a sponsor
Support our development, help us to raise enough funds to cover our expenses and ensure long-term maintenance of what we believe will be a stable, flexible and most importantly, open source Open IP Network Camera Framework, for all users worldwide. In recognition of your recurring donations, you will be permanently added to the Backers/Sponsors section on our GitHub page.

We're committed to open and transparent accounting, and are grateful for any support you can provide to our efforts to advance OpenIPC and our mission toward a sustainable future.

Thank you, it means a lot to us!

Donate Cryptocurrency

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The Open Network - TON


Using TON cryptocurrency, donations can be made right inside the Telegram using @wallet.

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